You Cheap Bastards

Well, if you’ve been scheming for the past few weeks how to get your hands on a copy of The Electric Church for free, despite my pleas for booze money, you may be in luck. There are actually two give-aways going on involving my book:

First, Fantasy Book Critic is giving away a bunch of Orbit swag, and my book happens to be part of it.

Second, Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist is giving away two signed copies. Yes, I am actually sobering up long enough to scrawl something “witty” in them, and they could be yours!

Despite my heated protests that I should get every single red cent out of every single book, I have been informed that it is perfectly legal for my Corporate Masters to do this, so I have decided to grin and bear it. But if I ever get out of this room, I will track down all the winners and extract my royalty. Don’t you worry.


  1. Dragonsnake

    This is one of the very few times that I feel sorry I’m not North American Resident. In vain in their passports is written “Citizen of the World”.

    JS, if U and the Duchess ever want to come in Greece, will provide U with shelter, food, good weather and booze. As payment will be willing to receive a signed copy. Actually, if U star pack now, U’ll catch the good weather for 2 more weeks ( and I – my copy before release).

  2. jsomers (Post author)

    Hey D,

    Wow—I’ll keep that offer in mind. And if the Duchess ever reads this she will have her bags packed instantly A great friend of mine is from Greece and got married there some years ago and we couldn’t go, and the wife has never forgiven me.

    Although I did have a *really* bad night with Ouzo back in my college days…


  3. Dragonsnake

    So, where I can find the Duchess’ mobile ?

    Btw, my command of English is not as good as Urs, so I have a small problem braking the code…

  4. jsomers (Post author)


    You might try emailing Ty–his address is somewhere on the web site.


  5. Adam C

    Quite frankly, I think if we finish that damned ARG, everyone involved should get a free copy, but whatever, that’s just me.

    Of course, we’re never going to finish it.

    I signed up for the signed copy contest, because I expect you to be BAF in no time, and thusly, have its value increase exponentially. Or it could forever remain priceless, that choice is mine… and the contest people’s, because they have to pick me to win first.

  6. jsomers (Post author)


    Oh, I think someone will solve it. Right now they’re preparing the next step, but there will be an end, and I think someone out there’s gonna do it.

    BAF: Let’s hope so. I am so damned tired of washing myself and doing my own shopping. And being forced to wear pants.


  7. Adam C

    That explains a whole, whole lot then.

    Not just from the ARG, but also that weird aroma that fills the room every time I log into this site. Is it possible to exhume through speakers?

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