Writing Without Rules Trailer

As I may have already mentioned 1,000,000 times, I have a book on the craft and business of writing coming out in May. Here’s a brief teaser trailer I cooked up that gives you the spirit of the book:

If that doesn’t make you burn with the desire to preorder 500 copies, I don’t know what will.




  1. Jeff

    I just pre-ordered a copy. Thank you Obi Won Somers, you’re my only hope. From the teaser trailer, it looks like you may have drank the coffee first. Maybe that’s my problem. Looking forward to finding out.

    PS. Have you ever tried to look yourself up on facebook? That was entertaining for sure.

  2. Teddy

    Well, better to be drinking Ron Burgundy than Ron Jeremy, I guess. Looks like the life of a writer is hard, having black cat butt in your face all day and drinking tampered malt…

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