Writers Life = Not Adventure

So, The Duchess and I were watching Castle the other day (a guilty pleasure – actually, almost all our televisual viewing is Guilty these days, and it’s all my wife’s fault; I wouldn’t even know who Crystal Bowersox was if not for The Duchess) and I once again considered the fact that Hollywood seems to believe that authors live lives of adventure and glamour. Every author you meet on TV or in the movies is a part-time detective, full-time celebrity who goes to sexy parties and lives in huge lofts in Manhattan. It gets to me, because an authors life is really more about getting a part-time job to pay for your crippling liquor habit and getting instant sunburn when you go outside because it has been so long since you were outside. Let’s not even start on public appearances or sexy parties. If you’ve ever been to a book reading or a launch party, you know the lie behind that.

So, I was inspired to give everyone a glimpse into a true writer’s life. Herewith, then, is a Typical Day in a Writer’s Life. Castle it ain’t:



  1. Mark Long

    Man, jack black . . . that’s rough. At the very least I’d jim beam rye a shot.

  2. Elisabeth Black

    I saw this video on Sean’s blog and I love it. Your state of unshaven is epic.

  3. jsomers (Post author)

    Elisabeth, that ain’t nothin. I’m going for an Unabomber look. Check back in a few weeks. Maybe I’ll do a time-stop video demonstrating the growth of my beard.

  4. Christi

    You mentioned at Sean’s page that you needed help, but I see no request for any. Unless you need a)help drinking the bottle or b)a ride to the liquor store. Sadly, neither of these I can help with. You live very far away.

  5. Andrew Bellware

    That’s exactly like my day except my Les Paul is oxblood…

  6. jsomers (Post author)

    Andrew – Excellent. A Gibby or an Eppi? Mine’s an Eppi.

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