Video Goodness

I almost forgot about this: A few months ago, when brainstorming how to get folks to pay attention to me (anything short of Daffy Duck’s Trick You Can Perform Only Once is fair game – nudity is fine), I made a little video “trailer” for The Digital Plague. No! Really! Using an array of public-domain stuff, I created a short clip to promote the book.

Then, what happened is, I was in a bar with a bunch of folks from and chatting with Annalee Newitz (much to her dismay, no doubt) and mentioned trailers for books, planning to wow her with the fact that I had, indeed, created such a trailer. before I could brag, however, she made a sour face and said that a trailer for a book is possibly the silliest thing she’d ever heard of. This isn’t a quote, since I didn’t take notes, was somewhat drunk, and have a poor memory anyway–it is entirely possible she said something completely different, and I am just remembering it wrong. I also remember wearing a tuxedo and fencing with a large green rat in a purple smoking jacket. It’s tough being inebriated all the time.

Anyway, after having my hopes and dreams of easy promotion crushed right in front of me, I forgot all about the video for a while. Until today, in fact, when, in a brief and shining moment of sobriety, I remembered it. So here it is. Be kind. I bruise easily.


  1. Craig


    Not a bad first effort… even better if you were soused when you made it!

  2. Annalee

    Hahah I love this trailer. Jeff, I was also soused when I was grumbling about book trailers. Generally I do think book trailers are a silly idea, unless they contain the word FEAR in all caps and pictures of giant eyeballs. Plus killing.

  3. jsomers (Post author)


    Always assume I am soused. There are rare moments of sobriety, but your success ratio in guessing my status will hover in the 90% mark if you guess “soused”.


  4. jsomers (Post author)


    Thanks! Glad you dig it. I think I should put the word FEAR in just about every blog post, too, now that you mention it.


  5. Frank Marcopolos

    Cool. My opinion on book trailers is: why not? Try any and all marketing methods possible to sell your genius. You never know what might go viral.


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