Trickster Review

I don’t go out of my way to read reviews of my work, because it’s alternately frustrating and horrifying. I’m generally embarrassed by good reviews and enraged by bad ones, and after all every book gets a bad review or fifty. People are still arguing over whether The Great Gatsby is a good book, after all.

Sometimes, though, Google Alerts or something just brings a review to my door and it’s occasionally a happy moment. Recently, Sarah E. Bewley who runs a book review blog posted a review of Trickster that warmed my tiny black heart. It reads, in part:

“The book is powerful, terrifying, involving and makes you, as the reader, want to race to the end to see what happens. It is well worth every moment spent reading.

I look forward to more Lem and Mags. The world needs them.”

Huzzah for me, I say. Why not buy a copy? Papa needs liquor monies.


  1. Sarah Bewley

    Happy to help out with the liquor money. Perhaps someday you can buy me a drink. (grin)

  2. jsomers (Post author)

    Done and done.

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