Trickster Review in RT Book Review

The list of things I never thought I’d ever say gets longer and longer every day, mis amigos. Among them is “no more whiskey for me I have to get up early tomorrow,” “holy shit there’s three feet of water in my living room,” and anything involving my name and the Romantic Times, but it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, and I’m feeling good. So we got a four-star review in the RT Book Review march 2013 issue for Trickster:

Trickster review in Romantic Times

Trickster review in Romantic Times

I’ve always known I had it in me to be romantic. Even when The Duchess tells me otherwise, I’ve always known I just needed a challenge to rise to. Who knew a book about blood sacrifice, magic, and con artists would be my gateway to romance?


  1. Patty Blount

    *gasps* I am TINGLING! I can’t wait to read this. When’s the launch party?? I will bring cookies.

  2. Kristi Barley

    Yeee! I’ve been DYING to read more from you since the last Avery Cates installment.
    & congrats on the great review!

    I hope the sales lead to future flood supply funding. (Too soon?) haha Jokes jokes jokes!

  3. jsomers (Post author)

    Thanks, Kristi! And it’s never too soon for flood jokes at my expense. My pants are still up above the ankle.

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