Thursday is Guitar Day

Epiphone Les Paul CustomIt’s entirely possible that no one in the universe wants to hear my little compositions, but who cares. If I listened to that little voice of doubt when it concerns my own creative genius, we’d all be dead now, because it’s generally the same little voice concerned with my moral performance. Hear these songs or the world ends, is basically our only choices here.

Here, songs:


You’re welcome.

The usual disclaimer: 1. I admit these are not great music; 2. I claim copyright anyway, so there; 3. No, I cannot do anything about the general quality of the mix, as I am incompetent.


  1. Loretta Ross

    I like all of them except 637. I LOVE 637!

    Seriously, you’re very good. Are you/ have you ever been in a band? Do any of them have lyrics?

  2. jsomers (Post author)

    Hey Loretta,

    Thanks! Appreciate the compliment – no, no lyrics, and I’ve never been in a band. I don’t work well with others. The invention of drum sequences software has changed my life.

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