This Week’s World’s Best Reader

Friends, over on the forums someone asked me about subscribing to my zine, The Inner Swine, which I’ve been publishing since 1995 (damn, I am old), and I told everyone that if you’re a member of the forum you can have half price subscriptions. Yesterday I got a check in the mail, along with this note:

And THAT, my friends, is some real nice letterhead. So Blueman is my World’s Best Reader this week, and you are. . .not.


  1. Dan Krokos

    I see his twenty-five and raise to fifty.

    I shall not be denied the WBR Crown.

  2. jsomers

    Now, this I like – let’s start the bidding. I see a whole new revenue stream for me. MUHAHAHAHA!

  3. BlueMan

    Aw hell, this’ll be reeeeally embarrassing if that sucker bounces, but yeehaw, live for today eh? Thank you, Thank you very much! Keep at it Dan, it’s SO worth all the hard work!

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