The Voting Don’t Stop

VOTE FOR MOJOI think there are like 500 rounds to this thing, and I don’t think I even win anything. I won my bracket in round 3, and now we’re on to Round 4. GO VOTE FOR ME, PLEASE! I am currently GETTING MY ASS KICKED. <bursts into tears>


  1. Sarah W


  2. Patty Blount

    Voted! *hands over a box of tissues* It’ll be all right, Jeff.

  3. BlueMan

    Obviously, these other “voters” are just soreheads, angered at not having their sissy books irrationally elevated in earlier rounds. Just gotta man up and commence drinking…

  4. jsomers (Post author)

    Sorehead, sissy, irrational – I think you just described *me*.

  5. Shayral

    Like I said – Time to start killing. I’ll grab the Piano Wire. Can I borrow Avery off you for a day?

  6. Adam

    your up 53 to 47

  7. jsomers (Post author)


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