The Futility of Writing

Ah, another week, another video. I’m having far too much fun with these. This week, we’re discussing the futility of your artistic and financial literary dreams:

As always, tell the world and let me know if you have any comments as feedback is always appreciated!


  1. Just Ami

    Yes. Futility of art. I know that feeling all too well…

    And thanks. NOW I want to read White Rabbit…

  2. Damaso

    See if the handbook was 434 pages I would totally be down…

  3. jsomers

    Damaso: Your disrespect shall be punished when my followers have seized power.

    Ami: Thanks! Sadly, no one will ever read White Rabbit. Unless you get me really drunk.

  4. Dan Krokos

    Um . . . er . . . so . . .

    How much, uh. How much of this is accurate? I thought it was going to be candy canes and hugs from here on out.

    I’ll take a copy of the handbook in the meantime. AND a copy of White Rabbit. Please?

  5. jsomers


    Sadly, I drink so much these days (BECAUSE OF THE ARTISTIC SUFFERING) I rarely remember what I did yesterday, so I don’t know what you’re talking about.


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