The Digital Plague in 1 Minute

As promised: The second plot summary video in honor of the UK release of The Eternal Prison: “The Digital Plague in One Minute”.

Tell me that isn’t the greatest plot summary ever, I dare you.


  1. Lexmus

    I want my 50 dollar bill. |Don’t tell me the bookstore I got the book from stole it. Believe me, I’ll smack a man with glasses on. Yeah sure, I’ll run like a bitch on heat if chased, but I’ll do it, man.

  2. Janet Reid

    WAIT a second here bucko! *I* am IN this book! IAM! It’s the highlight of my heretofore pallid and tepid life. NOW I’m on the cutting room floor in the one minute trailer???

    I demand a director’s cut be made available at once.

  3. jsomers (Post author)

    “Janet Reid” Who are you really? My agent is always telling me I’m a genius and handing me checks. This kind of tone is out of character, and I accuse you of being some sort of spy.

  4. DeadlyAccurate

    Please tell me you’re a fan of Zero Punctuation and Yahtzee Croshaw’s game reviews.

    I must confess, I, too, was rather disappointed by the lack of any mention of Zombie Janet in this video.

    It’s the highlight of my heretofore pallid and tepid life.

    Getting crushed by a cement mixer wasn’t enough?

  5. jsomers (Post author)


    Yup, I lurve Zero Punct. These vids are, um, homages to him. Yes. That is what they are.

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