“The Breach” & “Ghost Country”

Ghost Country RocksFriends, people always pester me to read things. Random strangers ask me if I’ve read something, and if the answer is no, they begin a campaign to get me to read it. Lawyers keep sending me suits and subpoenas I’m supposed to read. And my agent sometimes hands me copies of the books her other clients have written and urges me to read them. I am always hurt and outraged to learn she has other clients – always – and rush off in tears. But she’s so used to me rushing off in tears she doesn’t even send anyone into the bathroom after me any more. I weep alone.

Anyway, a few months ago the books she urged me to read were The Breach and Ghost Country by Patrick Lee. I accepted copies of his books and made a vague mental promise to myself to read them. As with all my vague mental promises to myself, I forgot all about them very quickly. Then I met Patrick at Bouchercon last year and immediately rectified the situation by reading The Breach. AND GODDAMN, these are good books. I was immediately jealous. It’s actually been a topic of conversation between me and other clients, how jealous we are of Patrick and his damn fine thrilling novels. DAMN YOU LEE!

Anyways, go forth and read these books.

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