TEC Fan Art

Every now and then this Internet thing pays off, like yesterday when Dani Romero sent me an email letting me know they’d been inspired to draw a scene from The Electric Church. I was delighted, and asked if I could post it here, and here it is (click for larger version): Dani Romero draws TEC

From Dani:

“Since it was the most vivid, I chose the scene when the ‘kid’ walked into the room and saw Avery, Pick and Belling in the room, so Pick is at the furthermost left, Avery in the middle, and Belling to the right.”

Rock on! Thanks mucho to Dani for letting me post this.

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  1. Aden

    Very very nice. Reminds me of Arakawa’s work in “Fullmetal Alchemist,” especially that furrowed brow on the far-right.

    I am jealous both of you, who receives such kick-ass fanart, and the fan, who can produce it!

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