TDP Review in the San Francisco Book Review

The new mass market editions of the Avery Cates books are garnering a second wave of reviews for the series, and naturally I read them all and plot revenge as necessary. No revenge needed this time, as I note the San Francisco Book Review loooooves The Digital Plague:

“Somers is an incredible storyteller whose creativity never wanes. There are more twists and turns in one of his books than in three or four works of other sci-fi authors. He also depicts a future police state filled with all sorts of high tech gadgets and weapons that is both thrilling and terrifying. With three Cates novels already under his belt, one can only hope that Somers is hard at work on a fourth.”

Yowza. You heard the man: Buy that book!


  1. Elisabeth Black

    Yeah! I love The Digital Plague! Awesome review.

  2. jsomers (Post author)

    Beth: Thanks!

  3. Case

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving drunk… Oops, I mean ‘author’. Aiee! – don’t sick the DĂșnmharĂș on me!

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