Sweet Action

Well, the reading was a blast. Rocky Sullivans is way out in the middle of nowhere Brooklyn, which dampened attendance, but the reading went really well and all had a good time, and I had a few drafts of the wonderful Sweet Action lager they sell there. That stuff is yum. At one point I crawled under the tap and attempted to just pour it into my mouth, but I was restrained.

Anyhoo, those smart kids also cracked the puzzle we’ve been rocking over at the TEC website. If you’re curious about the answers and where they lead, some Googling will get you there, but you might want to start at the beginning and work it out–why not? Might be fun.

Otherwise, I amuse myself by studying my Amazon sales rank and dreaming of sweet, sweet royalties, watching the NY Mets throw their year away, and watching my cats hunt sparrows on our deck. They don’t catch any, but it’s fun to watch’em. I’ve been trying to read “Gödel, Escher, Bach” and my head hurts just thinking about it—who was I kidding? And, of course, putting the finishing touches on the sequel to TEC, The Digital Plague.

Yes, contrary to popular belief, the title of the sequel is not The King Worm. It was for a while, but that’s a different book which may come out later. But at the time we prepared the advance copies for reviewers, The King Worm was the title and it got reported a bunch of places like that. Now, forget it, and memorized The Digital Plague.

Finally, they posted my Book Notes essay over at Large Hearted Boy (http://blog.largeheartedboy.com). I think I’m mildly amusing, what do you think?


  1. Dragonsnake

    Ur comment about Elvis Presley, Suspicious Minds
    “It’s a great I’ve-just-had-six-whiskeys-and-will-regret-this-tomorrow kind of song.”
    might make me even listen the old King. Since my copy still haven’t arrived, I’ll prepare the suggested list, and try to see how it is going to fit on my mood while reading the book. Long time ago I was a hard rock fan metamorphosing into power metal fan (nightmare for neighbors), probably it is going to be a great experience.
    ( With all this campaign, I think I’m getting to know U without ever seeing U. Isn’t it exiting ?)

  2. jsomers (Post author)


    Well, I can’t guarantee that these songs will stimulate the same neurons in your brain that they do me. But always fun to test these things out.

    Exciting: Yes! And a little worrying. I like to think I’m mysterious and fascinating, but now everyone will know my inner Jackass.


  3. Vman

    thanks for the ride

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