Something Weird. . .

One of the stories being voted on for Twittering (The Witch King of Angmar) was written a while ago, yet has a sudden coincidental parallel in the news today. . .


  1. akabrady

    I like the new-ish layout for the site, but I have one complaint. It also bugged me about the cover of The Electric Church, but I’ve been biting my tongue.

    Basically, the hand of the monk holding the gun is on the wrong side. Anatomically speaking, the thumb is always on the inside of the forearm, unless we are looking at the back of the hand. (Which is not the case in this matter.)

    I know Jae lee drew it correctly since the back of the book has the original version of the artwork, but whoever the cover designer is, needs to take some anatomy classes.

    Being an artist, it just bothers me.

  2. jsomers


    Y’know, I never would’ve noticed that. Now that you’ve pointed it out to me, it will haunt me forever. Thanks. 🙂

    As for the new-ish layout: Just playin’ around, seeing what works. One of the joys of having your own site.


  3. akabrady

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to have anyone join me in my irritation.

    Where’s that address again? Maybe I’ll buy you a drink to make up for the pain and suffering.

  4. jsomers

    No worries. I am haunted by many things. Yours is just the most recent. Carry on.


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