Someone dislikes the Acknowledgments in TEC

How awkward.


  1. Brooklyn Frank

    Ouch! That shit hurt ME. He’s clearly got some anger issues.

  2. Alex

    My favorite blog rants are the ones where halfway through the post ranter realizes that they missed the joke but barrels on anyway ’cause, you know, they already wrote like 400 words.

  3. Caren

    Clearly you ARE big-assed famous if this person spent that many words on you.

  4. jsomers (Post author)

    Frank: I feel no pain. I am invincible. Or possibly very drunk, the kind of drunk where you can hammer a nail into your hand and feel nothing…until tomorrow.

    Alex: You know, I’m used to people not getting my joke, and I’m used to people reviewing my zine, The Inner Swine, and saying essentially the same things. But rarely do people give me 1000 words on why I suck.

    Caren: BAF, baby!

  5. Nicky P.

    Mr. Somers,

    I, alas, am the someone who wrote the awkward words about how TEC starts. And I realized only later that I hadn’t written the most important bit. I added that to the rant but I’ll summarize here – I’d hate to make you wade through more words than necessary.

    The acknowledgments are the first words I read, and they are funny haha, but TEC is not. It’s so much sharper than funny haha. But since you spent so much time on the Ack., so many words, it makes me think TEC will be funny haha also. But with that awesome cover – it can’t be funny haha, can it? And of course the answer is no.

    I hope that makes some sense.

    If I’m ever in the city, I hope you will accept a drink from me (as obeisance) in some boozy bar and I can tell you how much I hate epigraphs.

  6. jsomers (Post author)

    Hey NP,

    Drinks are always accepted, at all times. I can see what you’re saying about the ACK, and it certainly ain’t the first time my supposedly humorous writing wasn’t appreciated.

    By coincidence, the Acknowledgments have actually been retitled something ridiculous and moved to the back. So at least we won’t be misleading anyone. Unless you’re like me and like to flip to the back of books before buying them.

  7. Kaiya

    That guy has some serious anger type issues 🙂

  8. Adam C

    When I publish my novel (here’s hoping), I’m going to write a 64 page acknowledgement, put it on the first page, even before the title page and glossary, and mail it to Nicky P’s doorstep.

  9. jsomers (Post author)


    That’s the spirit!

    I get a review like that for my zine on a regualr basis–the old “he’s either trying to be funny and failing or simply an asshole” review. I embrace them. Not everyone is going to get your work, and that’s fine.


  10. Dragonsnake

    BTW, I don’t think the guy ever read past the Acknowledgments. “But with that awesome cover – it can’t be funny haha, can it? ” This is probably how he deducted about the contents of the book.

    “But the Church ain’t funny and sarcastic, not overall – its tone is dark, often electric, yes! But not cutesy.”

    These are the only words, everything else is rumble about the Acknowledgments.

    JS, I like Ur writing style. U have freedom in expressing Urself, familiarity with words. Like with old friends. I hope that U have succeeded to make foolblodied characters, not “one-dimensional” heroes.

  11. jsomers (Post author)


    Like I said—not everyone’s going to enjoy my style, and that’s life. When you publish something—anything—you give up the right to complain about what people think of your work.

    And you know, he did have a point—the acknowledgments belonged in the back and have been moved there, and have been retitled as it’s not quite an acknowledgments but rather a short essay. I can see how someone might pick up the book in a store because the cover screams “gritty noir spec fic” and then they read my whimsical acknowledgments and think, “Whoa, not at all what I want to read”.

    I appreciate the compliment! I took the liberty of editing your comment the way you meant it to be, hope you don’t mind.


  12. Nikki

    I thought about posted something in your defense, but then decided that would be a bit odd considering I have not read the book, nor seen your wife. However, someone ranting about you is the first sign of fame or at least virtual fame and that counts for something, maybe. I found the rant odd really, as I have never once read the acknowledgments on any book… unless it is a short two line ‘thanks to those publishing people and that person I am sleeping with’ type thing you inadvertantly pass over as you are flipping the page. Still if, ehm, when, I read your book I will make sure I take the time to carefully critique your acknowledgements.

  13. jsomers (Post author)


    Well, everyone has their squicks, right? I’m positive I’ve done some bizarre ranting about things in my time.

    I look forward to your critique of my acknowledgments page, which is no longer called “Acknowledgments” and no longer appears in the front of the book.


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