SitCom Writin’ at Its Finest

I love a good Situation Comedy, I admit it. And NBC’s Community has been my drug of choice recently. Here’s a context-free speech made by one of the characters that I’m still laughing about (see it here if you’re interested:

Jeff Winger: I’m going to say some names to you. Jeffrey Dahmer. Ted Bundy. Rich. What do they have in common? We don’t know them very well. What do we know about Ben Chang? We know he’s nuts.

Ben Chang: Let him finish!

JW: We know he’s dangerous. Unpredictable. Selfish. We know he uses his name to make bad puns.

BC: Guilty as Changed.

JW: When he talks, he over- and under-emphasizes words, seemingly at random! When he eats, he holds his fork like a murderer’s knife, gnawing at its skewered payload like a deranged woodland rodent!

BC: Bring it home!

JW: We know he smells like band-aids. We know he dresses like a Cuban cab driver. We know he exhibits–nay! Flaunts proudly obvious symptoms of over half a dozen disorders you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy’s pets!

BC: Feel the *heat*!

JW: We know these things about Ben Chang. And so much more than we ever wanted to know about him. And why? Because its there. It’s on the surface. What you see may be what you don’t want, but it’s also what you get!

I think it was the “he smells like band-aids” that got me.

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  1. Jack

    That was a great episode of a great show. The line that got me was the ‘gnawing at its skewered payload like a deranged woodland rodent!’ line. The whole thing was hilarious thought.

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