SFSNNJ Face the Fiction 4-10-10

So, The Duchess, my brother Sean, and I descended on the Borders in Ramsey, NJ on Saturday night to be the guest at The Science Fiction Society of Northern New Jersey’s Face the Fiction night. I always get nervous about theses things, assuming that my invitation was a mistake and that no one really wants to see me. Here’s what I imagine:

ME: Here I am! Where’s my contractually mandated keg of beer with bottle of whiskey not costing less than $10?

THEM: Uh, who are you? And . . . my god, man, where are your pants?

I mean, these folks out in Ramsey had Charlaine Harris reading not so long ago! What in hell am I doing here? We had a blast, though, as I think the videos will prove. I got to insult my brother a little, which is always fun; The Duchess got outed by a regular reader of my blog and Facebook page; the audience had apparently actually read my novels; and I wasn’t ejected by security despite setting off the security system when exiting the bathroom and exiting the store. We were invited to join various people for drinks/dinner afterwards, but sadly we had to get home to our cat Pierre, who is, as this photo demonstrates, the Unhappiest Cat in the World these days:

Cone Cat is Unhappy

We have the video that the SFSNNJ itself posted to Youtube. You’re horrifyingly close to me in this, so don’t eat lunch right before viewing, but the sound is a little muted:


I have an hour of video as well, and if I can think of a creative way to post it I will (or if people want to have a virtual reading from me, I’d be happy to). Until then, enjoy!


  1. BlueMan

    Good to see you getting out there and glad you enjoyed this gig — I’m gonna resolve to start attending these at the local Borders/B&N whenever I can. (Last time I checked schedule however, the only “author” lined up was, um, Mitt Romney…)

    And of course, Kudos to the camera guy for keeping the frame above the waist… 😉

  2. Tez Miller

    Aw, hugs to Pierre, the Unhappiest Cat in the World. *hugs*

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