See Jeff in Action

I use the term ‘action’ loosely, of course. But you can watch me and the other 599 panelists at the recent NYCC Authors Round Table over at

The highlight, naturally, is at 5:20 when I stumble in, panting, like a very late jackass.


  1. Nemesis0

    You were just arriving fashionably late. Cause you’re like that.

  2. jsomers

    Late, yes. Fashionable? Not since 1991 when there was a bizarre and unexpected concurrence between my taste for old jeans and flannel shirts and the rest of the world. This will likely never happen again, unless fashion decides that the “no pants, stained bathrobe, bottle of homemade liquor” look is “in”


  3. Nemesis0

    Well we’ll just pretend it’s 1991 again then.

  4. jsomers

    Actually, I don’t remember much about 1991. There was beer. That’s about it. So we’ll have a beer and it’ll be 1991.


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