Roast Me

In my endless, slightly spastic quest for attention for my novels, I’ve gone and volunteered to have The Digital Plague roasted. I’m scheduled for July 22, so mark your calendars to be sitting at your computer all day in order to participate, or maybe just to post endless insults until I cry.

Here’s how it works: They’ll post a short excerpt from The  Digital Plague and then 3 questions. The questions are written by the Book Roast folks, not me, and will skew towards the humorous and/or ridiculous. Then people post answers to the questions, and I’ll be monitoring the blog comments and jumping in as well, so feel free to ask me questions or, as I said, insult me (do I know my readers or what?). I will, of course, be sitting at my desk pantsless with a glass of whiskey in my hand and will post photos to prove this if asked. If anyone’s working on the little puzzle over at the TDP web site, I might be induced to offer hints. But only if you’re super nice.

Then, I pick a “winner” who I think answered the 3 questions best – not necessarily correctly, just “best” – and the winner gets a free book. I might get creative with the prize, actually, and if you already own TDP we can figure something out, and naturally I will sign the book as well if asked.

So, start thinking of creative insults to have ready on 7/22. But be warned: I’ve heard them all, and nothing makes me cry any more. Well, almost nothing.


  1. Craig

    I’ll plan to be there! [By the way, you’ve spun the Digital Plague in a way I wasn’t expecting and I love it!]

  2. jsomers (Post author)

    Hey Craig,

    Thanks for planning to show up and abuse me–much appreciated.

    Really stoked you’re enjoying TDP!


  3. Chris Eldin

    A challenge has been set.
    Got that.


  4. jsomers (Post author)

    Do your worst, you bastards!


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