Rittenhouse Rye

I’ve been drinking a lot of Scotch lately, but you know what? Good old Rittenhouse Rye, I was reminded just tonight, is a damn fine whiskey.


  1. Smedley

    Whiskey is better then scotch anyhow. Now try some old granddad or elie kraig whiskey.

    On top of that eternal prison should be a December release. =D I’ve had to hold over with books like halting state and old mans war, who knows what ill pick up tonight.

  2. jsomers (Post author)
    Scotch *is* whiskey, philistine!

    For bourbon, try George T. Stagg (http://www.bourbonwhiskey.com/antiquecollection.aspx). This stuff almost killed me when a friend sent a sample over. I may still be living some sort of owl Creek bridge Dream, lying on the floor with the flask in hand.


  3. Diamat

    New bourbons to try:

    Old Bardstown 10 yr Estate Bottled
    Old Charter 10

    Both great.

    Latest bottle to enter Diamat Towers:

    Caol Ila 12

    Guzzled around 1/3 of it already in a fit of greedy Islay-worshipping.

  4. jsomers (Post author)

    Ah, more whiskies to sample! Thank you, my friend. I’ve peeked at your blog and am glad to hear the critters are back home without any obvious psychological damage. I am surrounded by softly twitching, snoozing felines as I write. in fact, my legs are numb as I am buried under them and cannot move. I may perish here.


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