Right now:

You know. . .Talisker 18 year is a pretty good whiskey.


  1. Diamat

    Err… happy birthday?

  2. jsomers (Post author)


    Yes! Y’know, I did have a mental note to drop you a line of thanks for your influence on that, and then. . .promptly fell into a bucket of fail, as I normally do. So. . .thanks!


  3. Smedley

    Scotch… You need a smoking jacket and walther ppk to even enjoy scotch. Now wild turkey is bottled happiness.

  4. jsomers (Post author)

    Avast! You’ll not slag Scotch on this forum. I mean, my goodness.

    That said, Wild Turkey is a fine bourbon, and I like bourbon just fine. I’ve got a bottle of WT downstairs too–about 3/4s gone.

    I do own a smoking jacket, and often wear it (and nothing else) when having a nip of the good stuff. Sadly, the courts here in Jersey say I am not allowed to possess a firearm.


  5. Smedley

    shit monkeys i’m beyond drunk and my mother is visiting. I bring this to light only for the bizarre reason that she had brought me home a bottle of Talisker. now if she brings me home some bath tub gin sometime in april 2009, i’ll be looking for monks ever corner.

  6. jsomers (Post author)

    bathtub gin: the secret ingredient is you.


  7. Smedley

    yadda yadda and soylent green is people. I have a hangover to nurse and chicken fried steak to consume.

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