Reviews, glorious reviews…

Every morning some unknown flunky from my corporate masters slips a crisp sheet of expensive linen paper under my door, on which is printed the latest reviews of TEC and any other news items where my name or the book title appear. These always end with stern instructions to eat the paper after I am done memorizing its contents. The one time I failed to do so, my hotel room was invaded in the middle of the night by a group of ninja-types in black who beat me with bars of soap inside their socks like in Full Metal Jacket.

So, I’ve learned to read fast and like the taste of expensive linen paper. If they’d just send me up some ketchup like I’ve asked, it wouldn’t be so bad. At this point the paper is my main source of fiber anyway, so it’s actually welcome.

Remember, Good Folk of the Internet: Review my book so that I may live.

Anyway, here’s the latest review of The Electric Church I found while Googling myself. Which I do far more often than is healthy. If you’re on the fence about buying my book—-thinking, on the one hand, that it sounds intriguing but, on the other, I come off as a self-involved jackass on this site—-I hope some of these reviews sway you towards parting with the pesos.

If not,  well. . .to be honest, I’m not sure what happens to me if the book doesn’t do well. My corporate masters might just let me go one glorious morning. Or they might just leave me here.


  1. Patrick

    I’m hoping that my review will intrigue other online reviewers enough to entice them to give THE ELECTRIC CHURCH a shot.

    By the time the book hits the shelves, hopefully enough positive reviews will have seen the light to help you get some exposure!:-) I really enjoyed the book, so I’m eager to read THE KING WORM. Translation: Stop googling yourself and get back to work!

    I don’t know if Alex told you this, but I will have the pleasure of interviewing you next month. Sadly, it will be an email interview, so the Orbit folks will keep you locked up…

    Now, if only you guys could put up some sample chapters online so I could pimp you a bit more…

  2. jsomers (Post author)

    Hey Patrick!

    Thanks for the review–exposure is definitely appreciated, esepcially when you actually enjoy the book.

    “The King Worm” is no longer the title of the sequel, by the way–I tried to get it changed in the ARCs but it didn’t happen. The next one will be called “The Digital Plague” instead.

    Interview: Cool! I’m much wittier and coherent in email. In person I sweat and stammer. And it should surprise no one that they won’t let me out of here, or even on the phone. I might slip an SOS past everyone.


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