Review of The Electric Church

The Electric ChurchNice to see reviews of the first Avery Cates book still coming out 4 years after it published! Found this today over at the IGN blogs, a very thoughtful review that touches on a lot of aspects of the book:

“It reads like a mixture of Blade Runner, Ocean’s Eleven, and Atlas Shrugged. If you are a fan of alternate realities, cyber-punk, and dystopian futures, you will love this book as I have.”



  1. Al

    The trade paperback I have of this book has a better cover. Probably the only reason I picked it up to find out if I’d buy it. I’ve bought all 5 now (for some reason I have two of “Eternal Prison”). Wish they were all the trade paperback format instead of the smaller slick covered paperbacks of the other 4+.

    I enjoyed The Electric Church or I would only have it.

    Thanks Jeff, good books.

  2. Anonymous

    Many thanks for this terrific book Jeff.

    My mom picked it out for me as a gift and I started reading it yesterday. It’s an absolute gem.

    Can’t wait to read the sequels. Peace.

  3. jsomers (Post author)

    Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it.

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