Rescued by Nerds Lurves The Digital Plague


Mike from the cool site Rescued by Nerds (a part of has posted a nice early review of The Digital Plague:

The Digital Plague – Jeff Somers burst onto the scene with last years The Electric Church featuring hitman Avery Cates trying to survive in a monolithic, dystopian future. Avery returns in the fast paced, blood soaked sequel that features a nanotech virus designed to kill the world. Everything I loved about The Electric Church is here in spades. If you like noirish post cyberpunk in the vein of Richard Morgan or Jon Courtenay Grimwood TDP is right up your alley.”

Huzzah! Mike also interviewed me for the site, so keep your eye out for that in a week or so.

I’ve been hearing rumors of The Digital Plague being out on shelves already – if you see one, take a pic and send it to me!


  1. alexfromqueens

    I seen it.

  2. jsomers (Post author)

    …and bought 25 copies? Huzzah! I’m rich!


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