Reasons Why You Should Join the WANGP Street Team

Street Team

Street Team

SO, on October 7, 2014, the world will change forever. Well, not really. What’s actually going to happen is my next novel, We Are Not Good People, will be released. Whether or not I spend 2015 dancing on street corners for nickels or ordering rounds of drinks for strangers as I blaze, briefly, in alcoholic splendor before doctors arrive to harvest my ruined body for parts, depends entirely on what happens in the bookstores and online venues in the days and weeks afterwards.

In the past, with the Avery Cates novels, I organized a Street Team (organized may be a strong word here) to help with promotion, and we had a lot of fun, so I’m doing the same, gathering blackguards and bravos from around the world to help make it seem like a passably good idea to spend money on my book. And I want you to join the Street Team. It will be ever so much fun.

We have a forum:

The book has a website:

I understand your hesitation. I am a notably unreliable author who is easily distracted by glasses of booze and things like videos of kittens acting surprised. So, here are


  1. You love me. You may not realize it, but you do.
  2. You fear me and know if my writering career goes south I will start showing up at your door, begging for a couch to sleep on.
  3. There will be swag — free books, signed things, T-shirts, bookmarks, anything else we cook up to give away or what have you, Street Team members will get first dibs. In the past every member got a T-shirt or a hat and some other stuff just for being awesome.
  4. Meet new people! Who are not me pretending to be other people just to make my Street Team seem huge and imposing, promise.
  5. All Street Team members pat and present earn the Right of Cocktails, which means they can march up to me at any time under any circumstances and, once they’ve identified themselves, demand that I buy them a drink, and I will.
  6. Did I mention the swag?
  7. The forum is there to exchange ideas and suggestions, so if you’ve ever wanted to humiliate and destroy me publicly (and who hasn’t) here is your chance. Why not suggest I dress up in a pig outfit and dance on your lawn? Because if everyone on the Street Team votes for it, I will totally do that.
  8. The abbreviation of We Are Not Good People is WANGP, so you get to throw around the word “Wang” a lot and no one can complain.

    The Pork Avenger (Artist's Conception)

    The Pork Avenger (Artist’s Conception)

  9. Someday, when they decide to make a documentary about me (most probably because I snap mentally in 2016 and start showing up in public in a pig outfit and dancing, eventually becoming known as The Pork Avenger) they will totally come to interview you about it.
  10. Because I am dancing for right now, even though you can’t see it. And also weeping. How can you be so cruel?

So there you have it. There’s no official sign up or anything — just participate. Send me your contact info via email or message, let me know you’re interested, join the forum and say hello and suggest things. What can you suggest? Well, anything:

  • If you know of a bookstore that would love to have me come read, let me know.
  • Ideas for swag or giveaways
  • Ideas for digital graphics that I could create and distribute
  • Forums or other sites that people could post on
  • Ways to tweet and post about the books (or my other books), write reviews, or otherwise spread the word

Or, just lurk until something gets suggested that appeals to you. Literally, anything you want to do is appreciated and I’ll be extremely grateful for.

Onward! I’ve just discovered I will have to have my Pork Avenger outfit let out a little. I’m … not a young man any more.


  1. Sarah Bewley

    Where do I sign? (grin) You already know I’m in your corner.

  2. Frank Errington

    The wonderful Melanie Meadors suggested I join and I thoroughly enjoyed your plea, so I’m in.

  3. Brett Bickley

    Sign me up, you magnificent bastard!

  4. jsomers (Post author)

    Sarah, you’re in – on the email update list – get in touch any time!

  5. jsomers (Post author)

    Thanks, Frank! I’ve added you to the email update list, which will only be used occasionally. Feel free to make suggestions or demands. Thanks!

  6. jsomers (Post author)

    Brett: Worst decision of your life, but you’re in – on the email list, and officially someone I will listen to if you have ideas. Thanks!

  7. Loretta Ross

    Will there be bake sales? Because I keep telling the Relay For Life people I don’t bake and they keep having bake sales. As long as I’m not expected to bake anything, I’m in.

  8. Clint

    After 10 (!) years of bringing TIS and related to various ivory towers, I could use more ammo. This seems about right.

  9. Jason Falter

    I’m in. Let’s do this.

  10. Jen Donohue

    Well….what will the shirts look like? 😉

    I already had my library purchase Trickster, and am in the process of browbeating them into the We Are Not Good People order.

  11. Brett Bickley

    Well, then …. First off …. ANYONE can just dance in a pig costume.

    Raise the bar.

    Tap shoes.

    Also, what about Bookends in Ridgewood? All they do is have superstars and celebrities come and do signings and stuff. You would be a refreshing change of pace.

    Or did the “incident” at the Garden State Plaza Chuck E. Cheese get you a lifetime ban from Bergen County?

    (And, for those of you that don’t know about the “incident”, for legal reasons, all we can say is it involved copious amounts of alcohol, nudity and a Whack-A-Mole! game. And, some very confused and now emotionally scarred children.)

  12. jsomers (Post author)

    What if we held bake sales and just kept all the money?

  13. jsomers (Post author)

    I suppose I must confer a high rank on you, clint. How about High Priest?

  14. jsomers (Post author)

    Jen: The T-Shirts will be my face a’la Big Brother in the John Hurt 1984.

    Thanks for the browbeating! I love libraries and want my books in them. That sounded kind of weird.

  15. jsomers (Post author)

    Brett, those emotionally scarred children have grown up and now are my target audience. You see the master plan, now: I traumatize people then sell them books that traumatized people like. I AM AN GENIUS.

  16. Brett Bickley


    That would be A GENIUS, Brainiac …..

  17. jsomers (Post author)

    You say it your way, I’ll say it my.

  18. Brett Bickley

    Ooooooo …. smarmy …….

  19. Brett Bickley

    I just bought 3 INNER SWINE off of Barnes & Noble. Take your wife out someplace nice for dinner tomorrow night.

    Hoboken have a SONIC?

  20. Christopher Daley

    I would love to be on your street team. I torment you enough on Twitter (csdaley) I figure I owe you.

  21. jsomers (Post author)

    Soon I will have enough followers to begin the construction of an enormous monument to myself! MUHAHAHAHAHA

  22. Brett Bickley

    ……. He’s a nanosecond away from going completely PINKY & THE BRAIN …….

  23. Mary Somers

    Hey cuz! I just got some info from Word bookstore, right by the grove st path. They are always looking for authors to do readings. There is a second location in Brooklyn as well. Would you like to look into it and contact them? Where should I send the info?

  24. jsomers (Post author)

    Hey Mary, I’ve been meaning to check out Word, actually. I’ll look into it – thanks for the suggestion!

  25. Matt Buell

    Game on. Already cause a seen when I hear, “we can order it for you.” I do a lot of traveling for work, so going national with it. The internet is hard……so I’m going to hit the pavement.

  26. Matt Buell

    How long does it normally take to be accepted to forum?

  27. jsomers (Post author)

    Matt: Depends entirely on how late I sleep, as approval is totally manual. Just approved you!

  28. Shayral

    As a huge fan of the Avery Cates series and an equally big fan of the Mustari works so far, I’d love to join the gang!

    …But I’m not sure how much use a Dutchie is to you. There’s an American Book Centre in Amsterdam, where I often beg and plead for new material and have ordered all your previous works from so far. I could totally v?a?n?d?a?l?i?s?e? spruce up the place for you?

  29. jsomers (Post author)

    All are welcome! I encourage any help you can offer, from reviewing the books online to mentioning them, to simply re-tweeting my inane nonsense and blog posts, to pressuring local stores to order my books or distibruting things I might have to send out.

    I’ll add your email to the mailing list, and you’re welcome to join the forum:

    Whatever you end up doing, thanks for the interest!

  30. jay caldwell

    I am in do I get a cookie or something? Id would love a cookie. I am so in need of a cookie. Heck id even take a copy of Trickster. I am sure you have about 2000 just laying around. You know what need most is a jar of bathtub Gin piss warm.

  31. jsomers (Post author)

    Hey Jay, welcome to the team! Check out the forum too:

    You might get a cookie. Or free bookmarks, stickers, and maybe a T-shirt. Plus some signed books and stuff, of course. You never know. Sadly the Federal Government doesn’t allow me to make bathtub gin anymore. Fight the power.

  32. jay caldwell

    I say you do a contest with the winner gets name as a character in next book.

  33. jsomers (Post author)

    Hey Jay,

    That’s been suggested before, but it just kinds feels off to me. Naming characters is close to my blackened heart, and I hate to mess with that.

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