Reagan Calls Women ‘America’s Little Dumplings’

A quick update for all your weirdos who care what I’m up to:

  • Finished my monthly short story on Sunday. For those who may not know, I write a short story a month, rain or shine, inspiration or no. This is mainly an exercise to force myself to finish at least one project a month, and also a way to keep a steady flow of ideas hitting paper. This is especially important when working on a book project like The Eternal Prison, because otherwise some good ideas might wither away as I kill brain cells with reckless alcohol consumption triggered by a phone call from my agent wherein she advises me to add More Unicorn. Writing a story a month has the expected result: 99.9% of my stories are Teh Suck. But a few every year can be earmarked for future rewriting and expansion, and the one I just finished is one of them. It’s got potential.
  • Finished my latest revision of The Eternal Prison, too. The new draft is much better than the previous draft, which I’d labeled FINAL. Just goes to show, you think a book is done, you show it to your editor and she kicks it back to you, you spend a few hours in the bathroom with a gun in your mouth, weeping, and then suddenly you realize she just made your final draft look like clown shoes. And BAM! A better draft is born.
  • The new issue of The Inner Swine, my little zine, is being proofread. Whether it will actually mail in the month of September remains to be seen. You can check out the editorial from it at the web site, and then send me two bucks for a sample issue, you cheap bastards.
  • I am surrounded by cats. And I have no pants on.

Not too shabby. Between all that, baseball, and avoiding the various political conventions like plague-infested blankets, I’m a busy, busy man.


  1. Dave

    Maybe im just out of the loop but is The Eternal Prison an Avery Cates adventure or is it separate?


  2. jsomers (Post author)

    Hey Dave,

    Yup, “The Eternal Prison” is the third Avery Cates book, due out in summer 2009.


  3. Dave



  4. janet reid

    It’s almost as good as it could be (it’s missing a certain character named Hense)

  5. jsomers (Post author)


    Hense was never killed off, so she–it?–might return as the one-woman killing machine we know and love.


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