Reading! Survived!

The reading last night at The Cell Theater in New York was a blast. I think I did pretty well, and the other readers were all great and entertaining. And there was free wine. What more do you want?

Famous author Sean Ferrell showed up, which was a great surprise, and I asked him to video my reading. When I got home and checked the camera, there were two videos. This was the first one:

That’s right: Thirty-six seconds of Sean Ferrell’s foot.

The second video started off better: It was actually me, reading! A bit shaky, perhaps, as if Sean was falling into a coma of some sort as my voice washed over him, but still, video. Then, at the 2 minutes mark: Done. I don’t recall seeing Sean sleeping, but then I was distracted:

(giggling courtesy of The Duchess)

All in all, though, a lot of fun, and I thank Karen Heuler and The Tandem Reading Series for the invitation! The Cell has an amazing program of events – music, literature, art – so I encourage anyone in the area to stop by!


  1. Patty Blount

    It’s a good thing Sean can write because a career as a cameraman is out.

    Seriously, waaaay cool he got to go (I couldn’t and was quite upset about this). Glad you had fun.

  2. Judith

    pants! pants! pants!

  3. Shayral

    This could be part of a new Memetic wave. We’ll call this one “Kickin’ it with Somers”, and it’ll revolve around hearing text from the Avery Cates series while looking at twitchy shoes for the duration of the movie.

    That said, halfway through on The Terminal State and by the GODS does this ever stop getting better?

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