Radio Is a Sound Salvation

So, I was on the radio last night, on the Joey Reynolds Show, and it was a blast. My lovely wife and I plowed into Manhattan at about 1:45AM and showed up at the studio without incident, and I think I was mildly coherent, emphasis on the word “mildly”.

Everyone was super nice, and Joey is a real marvel. He’s very smart and warm, making you feel at home immediately. His other guest during that hour was the famous writer Marc Eliot, so it was a little intimidating as I was, as usual, the slowest man in the room. Joey was great about throwing me things to talk about, though. When I was first seated in the studio I was alone, and the producer explained the mikes and everything, but no one told me that my time hadn’t yet come and the mike wasn’t going to be on until Joey was ready to talk to me, so I spent a half hour or so grunting into the microphone as Joey and Marc spoke, and no one could hear me.

If nothing else, my name and the title of my book were mentioned a lot, and my pants didn’t fall down while the dying Pac Man sound played softly in the background, so it was a triumph. I almost managed to appear adult and informed, sort of. At least no one had the urge to stand up and slap me during the show.

Anyway, here are some lo-fi MP3s of the show, broken up into 3 delicious parts. Download ’em and listen to me stammer my way through the show!

Part one.

Part two.

Part three.



  1. Brooklyn Frank

    Nice job, homie. Love the line about voting.

  2. jsomers (Post author)

    Hey Frank,

    Thanks! I almost went off the rails there, I think, but the host saved me from myself.


  3. Diamat

    Good job, Jeff! Many a ‘rye’ smile…

  4. jsomers (Post author)


    Who let you in here? My goodness, I’ll have to bulk up security again.

    Thanks for the nod, though. Now I’m thinking about rye…hmmmn…well, we’ll just have to do something about that.


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