Nick Harkaway, I Love You

SFX Magazine has deigned to review The Digital Plague, friends, and they love us. Eddie Robson writes:

“This is a brash, brutal, brilliant novel, gleefully packed with violence. Fans of gratuitous swearing will also find plenty to enjoy, with major profanity appearing on nearly every page. In fact, possibly on every single page – we haven’t checked, but it seems eminently fucking plausible…”

Of course, for some reason they seem to believe someone named Nick Harkaway wrote it. Which might be problematic for folks reading the review and seeking to find me for celebrity endorsements. I’M GONNA SUE. As soon as I find my pants and a place to put my drink down.
UPDATE: At some point, they’ve fixed the name, thank goodness.


  1. Nick Harkaway

    What? Eh? Help! Eek!

    I’m sure I didn’t write that. I’d have noticed. Or someone would have told me. Ohmygod… are we negative energy twins? Maybe I was possessed… or perhaps you made me up, like Stephen King in the Dark Half… or maybe it’s all a conspiracy of shadowy corporate interests from an alternative universe where the dominant species on Earth is koala bears (which I understand are not actually bears)…

    Loved “The Electric Church” and much looking forward to “The Digital Plague”.



  2. jsomers (Post author)


    Good to meet you. They’ve fixed it since I wrote that post, but I swear you were attributed the author when the review came out. I am not crazy. Not in that way, at least.

    BTW, glanced at your Blog and you are now a Somers Hero for writing:

    “I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to be on the [Booker Prize] list when I typed the word ‘ninja’ and didn’t immediately delete it :)”



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