My Videos

We’ve wastedspent a lot of time making some amusing videos, mostly discussing the writing life and career and, of course, promoting ourselves and the books. They’re collected here in one place for convenience – you can watch them all or ignore them all with equal ease!

Ask Jeff Anything

A series of videos in which I attempt to answer any question sent to me or placed in the comments. Sometimes this is about my books or other writing. Sometimes it is … about other things.

Older Ask Jeff Anything Videos

Two Men Have Words

A series of videos conceived by fellow author Sean Ferrell and also involving author Dan Krokos in which we … have words and … do stuff. HILARITY ENSUES.

Older Two Men Have Words Videos

Book Trailers

I make a lot of book trailers, both for my own books and when other people hire me to do them for their books. Here’s some examples of each!

My Books

More of My Book Trailers

Other People’s Books

I do these for money – check out my trailer page for more examples and info.


I, um, obviously have a lot of time on my hands, because I also make a lot of videos for no other purpose than fun.


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