My name! In a PodCast!

Apparently, while I toil away in here without air-conditioning, my corporate overlords–who have to wear sweaters to work because the AC is cranked so high–are busy pimping me out as well.

I heard from the awesoma Lili Saintcrow (whose web site has just been redesigned, and which you should check out post-haste) that we’re both mention in the latest Adventures in SciFi Publishing podcast by Shaun Ferrel and Sam Wynns. You can listen at their web site or download the whole thing.

I think my name flutters by at around the 3-minute mark. She sounds truly psyched to find out more about the book, which is cool, and hearing someone talk about you is always pretty exciting. At least to me. But then I’m pretty excitable.

Working for the Devil, by Lili SaintcrowAs I may have mentioned, Lili Saintcrow edited The Electric Church back before it was cool to edit The Electric Church, and she actually introduced me to her editor, who bought my book. So aside from being a talented writer (check out the cover of the first book in her Dante Valentine series here) she’s also a very cool gal.

Now go listen to my name being spoken by someone who, unusually, is not me.


  1. Alex

    Man, it’s like 20 degrees in here. I’m going to have to ask one of the minions to go grab me a space heater and a coffee.

    Keep up the blogging Jeff. We’ll send over some snacks next week. Pretzels or Mentos?

  2. jsomers (Post author)

    Ladies and Gentlemen, my corporate masters! Bastards. You’d think they could spare me a minion or two. One lousy minion. When I get to negotiate the next contract, I’m specifying minions.

    And Pretzels, please. I need the sodium. I’m starting to turn a little yellow in here from my steady diet of booze and, um, booze.

  3. Alex

    Sorry Jeff, looks like the minions ate all the pretzels. We’ll put you down for a re-up next month.

  4. jsomers (Post author)

    Alex, today I hired a delinquent kid who hangs around the alley below my room window to vandalize your office for the thirteen dollars I had in my wallet. Power to the People!

  5. jason

    I write as a bother of podcast fame. One of my songs was in a mix. Actually, I think the guy who made the podcast and I might be the only people who heard the ditty. I come on at minute 23. I made up for the iniquities of our listener hood. I’ve heard it at least 200 times. I am temporarily stalled at the “waiting to be discovered” stage of my musical, writing career. It’s painful.

    But I deal. On a scale of one to ten, it probably hurts as much as not having air conditioning. That sucks. For me, at about 5 o’clock in the morning, my body starts sweating out alcohol. The process goes on and off throughout the day, but seems most intense during the early morning hours. I hope the motel washes your sweaty sheets daily.

    Maybe we could make up a cool handshake for awesome people like us who have been in a podcast.

  6. jsomers (Post author)

    Hey Jason, my fellow PodCast Elite,

    I have to admit I was frustrated–I like searching for my name in things and then staring at it raptly for hours, and a PodCast is tough because I know of no way to reliably search audio for a name. I had to actually listen to stuff about other people! The horror…

    No one is washing the sheets. Which, to be honest, is very much like living at home for me. I used to have the alcohol-sweat problem as well–very embarassing when you show up in meetings unshaven, yellow-skinned, and sweating something close to 40 proof. But I solved this by never actually stopping drinking. I think I have about 3 years left to live, but what years they will be!

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