My Mind, it is Blown

I love mashups. This one stunned me: Mighty Mike – Imagine A Jump.mp3

I mean: damn.


  1. annaliterally

    Oh. My. Stunning, yes. Brilliant, yes.

    But, “Imagine” WAS one of my faves. Now, I… I just don’t know. I wonder if I will be able to ever hear that song without thinking of David Lee Roth?

    Never should have listened to it.

    Still, brilliant.

  2. Ray

    Frickin brilliant!! Isn’t creativity and imagination lovely…

  3. gabi

    OMG, this is absolutely brilliant. Love it!

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. Sean

    That has destroyed my faith in humanity. It has also, ironically, restored my faith in humanity.

  5. bookfraud

    I can’t decide if this is brilliant or sacrilegious. But it does seem to be perfect. David Lee Roth embarrasses me to the point I want to reattach my foreskin, but I kinda think Lennon would have dug it. Almost as perfect as singing the lyrics to “Purple Haze” to the tune of “Green Acres.”

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