Multiple Jeffs

One might say I need a hobby, but then I’d say making ridiculous little videos is my hobby, Bubba. This time I consider the hard work of Book Promotion and how to make it easier. On me, of course:

Pants! Pants! Pants! indeed.


  1. Damaso

    Clearly he’s gone mad with power…

  2. Just Ami

    This is how you spend all your (free and work) time, isn’t it? 😮

  3. Dan Krokos

    Out of this madness, the genius of Cates #5 will be forged.

  4. jsomers

    Damaso: “gone”? When was I not?

    Just Ami: yes! I mean, NO! I mean – look, an elephant!

    Dan: Madness = genius.

  5. Lexmus

    I’m from England and taking your pants off has a whole different meaning. Lets hope it’s not a cold day when your Jeffs are walking about.

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