TDPHola, my beautiful babies: Been away for a bit due to unavoidable personal business. But my thoughts were never far from y’all! As in, damn, I hope all those people are pre-ordering copies of my new book The Digital Plague right now! and similar sentiments.

Speaking of: The second review is in! Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review has weighed in on TDP, and thank goodness, they like it:

“Highly recommended to anyone who likes their sci-fi mean, streetwise and drenched in bullets!”

Check it out and then buy four copies so’s I can drink my blues away.

ALSO, Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist is giving away a copy or two of the book to a few lucky readers, so surf on over, scan the rules, and put your name in. Why not?


  1. Craig

    Ha! I thought you came back just to try and coax some coin out of us… when in fact you offer us a chance to save some by winning the book.

    Devious. I still haven’t figured out how you get more booze if I win a copy…

  2. Michael

    Oh god I must try this. MUST.
    See, it’s not free. He’s probably going to make us pay with some legal form and whatnot and get thousands of dollars out of us for getting it ahead of time or whatnot.
    Also, /forum/ and /TDP/ at the TEC website make this book look auto-mazing.

  3. jsomers (Post author)


    My ways of acquiring booze are many and cloaked in dark arts. Do not question, merely obey.

    Nice of them to give the book away, I think. Let’s just hope there’re actually any takers!


  4. jsomers (Post author)


    Thanks for the compliment on the web sites!

    My ways are devious, yes. Hell, my ultimate plots have nothing to do with books at all–it’s all just misdirection!


  5. Gruen

    I thought the release date for this book around the 15th of May. However, I found it in stock at my local Barnes and Noble. Woohoo!


    p.s. – You’ll have book 3 done in a few weeks, right? : )

  6. jsomers (Post author)


    Yep, official street date is 5/12. But sometimes stores will stock books early if they get them in. My hometown B&N has scads of TDPs too. I have to resist the urge to wirte messages in each copy.

    As for #3 – heck, it’s done. Well, the first draft is done. Some revision and editing no doubt will occur before we get it into stores. Wanna know what it’s about? It’ll cost you.


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