Many Very Important Things

Ah, the busy, glamorous life of an author. Aside from napping, shoveling snow, and discovering cats trapped inside things you wouldn’t think cats could get themselves into, I am a very busy man. A few things:

FACEBOOK: Yea, verily, I have given in and created a Facebook account. I remember about 3 years ago everyone was telling me I “had” to have a MySpace account, or it would be like I was invisible. So I created a MySpace account. Admittedly, I ignored it and to this day I am too lazy to even delete it, but mysteriously no one cares whether I have a MySpace account any more. Now I am told I must have a Facebook account or I am doomed to obscurity. So I have a Facebook account. I’ll try to pay more attention to it. I’m there as “Jeffrey Daniel Xavier Somers”. Come friend me if you’re brave.

TWITTER: And again: After everyone else in the world has already done so, I finally have set up a Twitter account. Mainly I did this for use at the New York Comic Con in February, so I can tweet out what I’m doing and where I am in case anyone is interested. But in the mean time I’m going to start tweeting a short story there once or twice a day, starting 1/26. That’s right, 140 characters at a time. Why not? So feel free to follow me if you’re at all interested. Maybe someday I’ll start tweeting things like “Putting on pants” or “Woke up in someone else’s house again, please send aspirin and pants” or, simply, “pants!” but only if I get the sense that you folks want such personal tidbits. My guess is: You don’t.

THE ETERNAL PRISON HAS A WEB SITE: Not much there yet – it’s really a glorified placeholder – but it’s there. Check out I intend to have some real actual content up there in the next few months – some fun, interesting things. As opposed to boring, irritating things.

So there you have it: I am somewhat less uncool than I used to be. Or so I have led myself to believe.


  1. Damaso

    It also took me while before I got a Facebook page but I have found it fairly useful. Twitter on the other hand offends me for some reason I can’t explain. But if I needed someone to send me pants and aspirin, Twitter would be the way to go…

  2. jsomers


    I sort of agree about Twitter. I see it as possibly very useful in specific situations – like when you’re coordinating with people over a large confusing space, like a convention or something: “I am eating a hot dog by the fifth floor elevators, come find me” or something.

    The personal tweets, e.g., “I am making coffee and scratching myself” seem weird. But that also seems to be the appeal for a lot of folks, that feeling of intimate camaraderie.

    I’m gonna play around with it, see what feels right.


  3. Craig

    I still don’t have a MySpace or Facebook page… and don’t use Twitter. I will however help get the work out about The Eternal Prison page… er, novel.

  4. Craig

    Uh… that should have read, “.. get the word out…” not “get the work out…”

    I guess I won’t be too helpful if I can’t get the message across without mistakes….

    I will watch clozer 2 c that i doesn’t mess up agin.

  5. jsomers


    Thanks, man. Even mistake-ridden efforts are appreciated. As for Twitter and Facebook, no one knows that I am using Helper Monkeys to populate those sites. Ssshhh. Tell no one.


  6. Craig

    Work… uh, word is out!

  7. jsomers

    Thanks, Craig!

  8. Damaso

    Where does one get good helper monkeys these days? I think it is the only help I can afford…

  9. jsomers

    Damaso, the trick is to capture and train your own Helper Monkeys. Then it’s just the cost of food and diapers!


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