On the one hand, I hate this guy because he had a better idea than I ever have about promoting my books, and he did it 500% better than I ever could have even if I’d had the idea, which I did not. On the other hand, this is hilarious. The more you know about being a non-Stephen King level writer, the funnier this gets:

This also serves to remind me of all the things I could be doing to try and force you all to pay some damn attention to me. But then I drink a beer or two and get sleepy, and poof! One more day gone.



  1. Craig

    Aw, your updates here are better than any ole youtube video. And I’m not saying that just because we can’t see you, I’m saying it because you can’t see us… what? Oh, sorry, I thought you could see us through those youtube vids. My bad.

  2. Frank Marcopolos

    That is pretty funny.

    But it’s not too late, dude. Just a write a 3-minute script and have TISIC become a video crew/cast and voila! Instant Jeff youtube publicity!

    My guess is some form of the word “pants” would be used at least 10 times.

  3. jsomers (Post author)


    I am watching you right now, actually. PUT ON SOME PANTS FOR GOD’S SAKE!


  4. jsomers (Post author)


    How about “Pantsless Wonder Eats Pants”? It might be the last video I ever make, but it’d be worth it.


  5. Frank Marcopolos

    As long as you end with something like, “And remember to buy The Digital Plague!”, it sounds like a winner to me.

  6. Craig

    You mean shorts don’t count. Okay. Pants it is. Do I need a shirt and tie, too?

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