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Just in the post this morning, the UK version of The Final Evolution:

The Final Evolution Copies!



  1. Patty Blount


  2. Steph Schmidt

    Wait, the UK gets them first?! No fair 🙁

  3. BlueMan

    Yeah!! Bring it!

  4. Jay

    Awesome. I’ll be picking up a copy when available if I have to fight my way through a dozen monks with not a Roon in sight!

  5. Lunch

    Not even Mr. Cates himself could keep me from a copy.

  6. Adrian

    In lieu of flying to the UK to obtain a copy early, I’m waiting impatiently for it to be released here. However, I am visiting New York/New Jersey soon, and will be toting around a copy of the Electric Church just in case I see you. I’ll be the one running at you with a book, pen, and a bottle of whiskey. You do take bribes, don’t you?

  7. jsomers (Post author)

    Adrian: I not only take bribes, I solicit them. Which may be why I don’t get invited anywhere these days.

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