KGB Lit Interview

As I am a very famous and important person, The KGB Bar’s online literary magazine has interviewed me:

“As I’ve gotten older I have become increasingly aware that my development as a person really did freeze, in some senses, when I was much younger. A love for simplistic power-punk music. A sincere belief that flannel is an acceptable fashion choice. A refusal to watch DVDs coupled with a romantic love for serendipitously finding a beloved old movie on television. A child-like distrust of vegetables or, for that matter, any food that I have not previously consumed and survived. The themes and tropes I explore in my writing haven’t changed so much either.”

Check it out!


  1. Sarah W

    A most excellent interview – you’ve certainly mode your arrested development work for you!

    (and I completely agree about the flannel)

  2. Patty Blount

    This interview was awesome, Jeff. Completely agree with you about sci-fi bleeding into mainstream. Looking forward to the two new novels you’re working on.

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