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Well, having been promoted from 2AM show-up time to 1AM (although I don’t think I hit the air until 2:15AM, with The Duchess sleeping in the lobby on one of the couches), the Suffering Wife and I headed into Manhattan last night so I could guest on the Joey Reynolds Show, which is always a blast. It’s always a group of really bizarre, interesting people in there. I feel like I barely say three words, because everyone’s just riffing and chatting – fun, but kind of intimidating. Joey himself is a prince of a guy, especially the way he keeps repeating my name and book title. Huzzah!

Instead of general MP3s of the show, I thought I’d post the best part of the whole night, which was Joey reading my entire Long Bio. I have several bios – everyone always wants a bio when you’re out there hat in hand begging for newspaper stories or interviews or radio appearances. Sometimes they want ten words and sometimes they want five hundred, so I’ve Long Bios, Short Bios, Medium Bios, and even Bios for specific venues. Last night, just for yuks, Joey was moved to read my Long Bio on the air, meaning I now have my bio read by a professional radio voice:

Joey Reynolds Reads Jeff’s Bio

Isn’t that cool? Now, whenever I get asked to tell my story at readings and such, I’m going to have a little MP3 player with this loaded on it, and I’ll just let Joey tell the tale. THIS ROCKS.

Now: Sleep. Got home at 3:30AM. Anyone listen live? If so, let me know – personally, I think I sound like a dork on the radio. But perhaps I am wrong, and I merely sound like a Nerd.

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