Jeff and Jeof Wrote a Comic, Once

Blood and SplendorHey there–some may remember that years and years ago, when I was a little more hip in my music and reading tastes but much less amazing in general, I co-wrote a comic book with old, old friend Jeof Vita (the same man who draws most of the covers for The Inner Swine). The comic was a tie-in to the television series Sliders, which I watched a few times. Jeof worked for the comic publisher that was putting out those tie-in books and thus it was easy to pitch the idea to them. We worked on it for a few months and ta-da! Blood and Splendor was born to comics greatness.

Anyway, the comic has enjoyed a surprisingly long and loving Internet life, as Sliders Fandom is a powerful thing, and a few weeks ago we were contacted by and asked if we had any notes or information about the comic to pass along for enshrinement. Naturally, I have everything, because Jeff, he don’t throw anything away, hoss. We exchanged a few emails, I burned up the scanner digitizing several dozen pages of circa-1996 genius, and now the article is up on Earth Prime for all to see! I AM FRICKIN FAMOUS, BUBBA! Sort of. Still not listed on Wikipedia, though, so I can’t be that famous, can I?

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