Interview with Dan Krokos

You may not have heard of him yet, but you will. And, unlike me, you’ll be happy you heard of him, because he’s a kick-ass writer who just sold his first novels. Me, I heard of Dan a long time ago, at the restraining order hearings.



  1. Dan Krokos

    Thanks Jeff. I can’t believe you made a post about me. We’ve been over this a million times while cuddling on the couch, but you know I wouldn’t be where I am (and where I’m going) without you. If I hadn’t picked up that copy of TEC in September of 2008 you probably would’ve been sitting next to some loser idiot guy at that one Thai place in San Francisco.

    Love always, or for the next three months or so,


  2. jsomers (Post author)

    Dan, I never told you this, but I broke into your house last year and whispered your entire novel to you in your sleep. You woke up and wrote it all down. The weird part is, you even wrote down the parts where I got drunk and started singing Irish folk songs. The really weird part is, the Irish folk songs never got edited out.

  3. Dan krokos

    What’s really weird is how I whispered in your ear while you were sleeping and told you to do this.


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