I’m Ordering the Gold Toilet Right Now

It’s not every day you see your own name in The Hollywood Reporter, kids:

Sony nabs rights to Jeff Somers novel series

We actually sold the rights some months ago, but this makes it seem like there might actually be a movie made, which is pretty damn exciting. I don’t know any other details (I’m probably the least-involved person associated with the movie, actually) so let’s just cross our fingers and hope it turns out well, shall we?

EDIT: Holy crap, I made IO9.com!


  1. jayf

    Awesome. And I know at this early point it is only potentially great news as anything can happen. But I’m with you hoping for the best. It would be kick ass if they do it right.

  2. Ben

    My finger s are crossed as I chant. “Please don’t ruin it. Please don’t ruin it. Please don’t ruin it.”

  3. Jennifer Rardin

    Holy shitsky Batman, that’s freaking cool! You are my hero! Big hugs from the middle-of-nowhere Illinois!

  4. jsomers (Post author)

    Thanks, Jennifer!

  5. jsomers (Post author)

    Thanks, Jay – it certainly could go nowhere, but my mortgage is hoping it doesn’t!

  6. Naomi

    Well done – fingers crossed Hollywood don’t make a mess of it. Any hopes as to who play the leads?

  7. Billy Brown

    So is it more of a “Hey, I got paid, it’s all good” or a “They’d better not screw up my baby” kind of feeling, or a combination?

    By the way, here’s something you can celebrate with-


  8. Shawn

    Congratulations, Jeff!

    I was wondering just a couple days ago why these books weren’t optioned .

    Here’s hoping they do “The Electric Church” enough justice so that the sequels get made as well.

  9. Loretta Ross

    Way cool! Good luck!

  10. honest ape

    Woot! Fuck the gold toilet. Go for the couples toilet. Classy and expensive.

    Also, who would you like to see play Avery? For some reason, Timothy Olyphant comes to mind when I read the books, even if he’s a tad bit older than Avery in book one.

    Anyway, congrats. Can’t wait to see hollywood fuck this up.


  11. jsomers (Post author)


    DAMN. But I would drink it, alas. Not that it probably isn’t fantastic, but I kind of think once you get past the $150/bottle range the extra goodness is just lost on me, y’know?

    As for the movie: I’m not a filmmaker, I’m a novelist. They can do whatever they want.


  12. jsomers (Post author)

    Naomi – no idea on leads, actually. I doubt they’ll want my opinion!

  13. Dan Krokos


    I still get to play Avery right? How effing exciting. So many people are going to have access to the books that might not have considered them before.

  14. BlueMan

    Congrats JS! Adding it to my Netflix queue right now!

  15. Hapy

    Awesome news!! As I was reading them trilogy for the first time, I was thinking – “…man, this would be an awesome movie…”

    Again, congrats!!

  16. Craig

    Well… looks like you’re going to have to put on some pants at some point.


  17. Alex

    Congrats indeed Jeff!

  18. undead646

    Awesome Can’t Wait

  19. Evan

    I’ve emailed you before Mr.Somers. About how I thought this would make a great film. Lo’ and behold. I’m halfway through the digital plague. I hope they get your opinion on the screenplay. I thought you should have written it yourself though. The movie usually turns out better when that happens. If the movie turns out more like Blade Runner and less like the Rollerball remake than I think we’re good.

    Casting is key, so Jeff who would you cast as Avery Cates?

  20. jsomers (Post author)


    I’m not sure me writing the screenplay would have been better–we have to see the script first before we can make that decision, and I think Trevor Sands can probably nail it.

    As for Rollerball Vs. BR, I heartily agree. Finally, I’ve always said my thoughts on Avery tend towards the possibly-too-fit Jason Statham. He’s in too-good shape, actually, but I like his presence and physicality for the role, if he can lose the accent. Then again, no one is asking me for casting advice!

  21. Naomi

    Wow Jeff – I was thinking Statham would be good for the role and the rough english accent could work quite well, but I do agree that he would need to lose a bit of the fitness, though it pains me to say that. Or if not Jason, How about Sam Worington from Terminator Salvation,He might be good in the role.
    Good comparison with BR – fav film of all time.

  22. Philip Palmer

    Hi Jeff

    Congratulations on the deal! It couldn’t happen to a nicer series of books..

    I loved Statham in Death Race 2000. But can he crack wise?

    Enjoy the rollercoaster ride.

  23. jsomers (Post author)


    Worthington would be fine, I think, though I’m not terribly familiar with his acting work aside from Avatar. He’s got the right look, I think.

  24. jsomers (Post author)


    Thanks! I plan to ignore the ride, actually, once the hubbub dies down. No sense in getting all worked up over a film that may never get made. As for Statham cracking wise, I think his performances in Guy Ritchie movies speak for themselves.


  25. Chris

    Great news! Since Statham’s “too fit”, how about Clive Owen? Believable as an action hero (Shoot ‘Em Up), but still able to come off as a “why me” everyman (Children of Men).

  26. Naomi

    Just finished reading The Eternal Prison – Ireland seems to be getting your books a little late in the day. Anyway, excellent read and it seems to me that you were influenced by Philip K Dick & ‘Do Anderiods dream of electric sheep’? – would that be a fare comment. Again really enjoyed the book, looking forward to the next instalment and also the films. :o)

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