I Play Guitar So You Don’t Have To

That’s right! MOAR SOMERS GUITAR! I knew you all wanted some, so here it is. It’s actually been a while since I decided to throw aside caution and common decency and risk mockery and humiliation by posting some of my lame songs. It takes some serious boozing to get there, my friends. Serious.

Anyway, for your listening pleasure below. The usual disclaimers: 1. I admit these are not great music; 2. I claim copyright anyway, so there; 3. No, I cannot do anything about the general quality of the mix, as I am incompetent.

So there.


  1. BlueMan

    I’m not saying which one, but one of these may contain The Brown Noise.

  2. jsomers


    Wow, that, um, actually – you know, I never thought about it, but, er, that might, uh, y’know. . . explain some things. That were heretofore unexplainable.


  3. Alex

    Cates is song #108 as he’s walking away from offing a system pig. Coat tails flapping in the wind…lighting a smoke…

  4. jsomers


    Yeah, it does sort of have that credit-sequence feel to it, don’t it? Thanks for listening! You realize, of course, that you’re just encouraging me to post more songs someday. . .do so at your own risk.


  5. Dan Krokos

    That’s spot on, Alex.

    Jeff, you need to start scoring your books, having songs tied to specific chapters!

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