I Didn’t Win. Again.

In a week where all of my posts are centered on me and my writerly activities engaging in competitive literary pursuits, with a severe lack of Deep Thought pieces, I once again am here to report that I did not win anything last night at the Moby Book Trailer Awards.

I wasn’t planning on attending, due to a lot of circumstances involving previously made plans and a very, very, insanely early wake up for me today, but at the last minute Alex over at Orbit emailed saying the orbit crew were attending and would purchase for me alcoholic libations if I attended. So I rallied The Duchess, reorganized our plans,  threw on a jacket and headed into the Meat Packing District for the event. It was held at The Griffin, which is a snazzy place. We had to wait on line outside and give our names to security in order to get in. All very swanky. My editor Devi and the extremely talented Creative Director Lauren P. showed up as well, and Alex bought me a couple of whiskies.

The “ceremony” had an air of slapdash about it, but was a lot of fun. The Duchess and I only stayed through my category, and I think everyone felt bad for me when I didn’t win. Heck, I felt bad for me. But all in all: Free booze in a swanky locale? Win. Don’t cry for me, Orbit Books.


  1. Billy Brown

    “Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try.”

    -Homer Simpson

  2. jayf

    The Griffin certainly sounded like a cool venue. Sorry I missed it, especially since Orbit Crew was along for ride. Catch you next time.

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