I have these:

Thus there is joy here in the Somers Compound. You will be able to get one for yourself soon. in the mean time, some chaotic things are gonna happen, some of which are still secret.

Not secret: I’m gonna be Tweeting an Avery Cates short story over at starting on 8/5, through 8/12. 8/12 being the official pub date of the book, and also when the main web site ( goes live (right now it’s just a placeholder). If you’re on Twitter, follow me and get a free story!

Other things will be happening, but for now they’re under wraps. And I am tired, and the cats are wrestling because they’re hungry. G’night.


  1. Dan Krokos

    Oh my. Those are purty.

  2. Craig

    Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about… oh… you were too… and first. Ulp.

  3. BlueMan

    Hot. Shit.

  4. jay f.


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