Half-Assed Music Video

In the sphere of Dubious Achievements, I believe I have just created a new one: Making a DIY music video constructed entirely from video snippets left over from Ask Jeff Anything videos and free (or very cheap) stock video I had lying around on the hard drive.

I enjoy silly challenges like this: Take some disparate video and try to construct something that has a narrative (of sorts), makes sense, and is maybe slightly appealing. It’s fun. I don’t claim it’s great. Just fun. Mainly for me. Huzzah for me!

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  1. rehtonaraey

    The day before my birthday I discovered ask jeff anything . I thought that between you and Thierry (that photojournalist) and a few drinks you would have a very very good time. Witnessing the fact you have deliberatlely captured ask jeff anything moments for this compilation furthers that whole foundation… I specifically wrote “lol , i wanted to read about one of my favorite authors background more, then i had to really share a laugh. I can imagine him and Thierry having a really good time, . I was looking up Avery Cates on the steam for a fan group. Surprised there is not one , someone pretended to be avery, i dont think its jeff, thats not imposible though, http://youtu.be/Lsso_9FxBPs” on January twentieth.

    I have to mention to you that I am in the pursuit of creating an effective network of friends and i referred to them as the dunmharu . I think I have to run this by you, I am promoting your ideas and made this fan page.. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/averycates . I created it when I discovered I couldn’t just search for avery cates on steam. I recently rediscovered videogaming. Well, you have been a catalyst for me, if it wasn’t for a combination of a novel i was reading by you and some incredible movie footage I may have been even slower to upload all of my tunes. However, since i published them all in my self published book through 48hour books with a neat 70 page science fiction introduction and a copyright for my song lyrics, which have such fucked up tune composition that they will not be reproduced identicle anyway, because they are improvisations, i feel like i am finally set. i have been drinking more often , that may have been an influence , or may not have been . Alchohol is really , worthless, lol , Well, now if you can’t hear the songs , reading them should be possible,

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