Greasing the Pan

Have I mentioned that Paul T. Riddell, infamous grouser and onetime writer, has some collections out in the wild? Check it:


  1. Caren

    I was at BEA and saw the Orbit Books setup. I said to the guy there, “You know who’s a great writer? Jeff Somers!” He smiled and said your next one is coming out at the end of the summer. He also said something about the new covers of books being different from before. Anyway, always happy to give a plug. And I got lots of free goodies at the convention. Woo-hoo! By the way, why am I talking in italics?

  2. jsomers

    Hi Caren!

    I’m surprised they didn’t call security when you mentioned my name. They seem to fear me in person over at Orbit.

    The mass market covers are different than the trade covers, is what he meant. More mass-markety, which actually makes sense.

    As for the italics, i have no idea! Just because it’s my blog means nothing. Oh, I suppose I could dig into the css files and figure it out, but. . .wait a second. . .sleepy. . .what was I saying?


  3. Paul Riddell

    Many thanks, Jeff. I hereby promise not to talk you to death when we finally meet in person.

  4. jsomers


    All I ask of anyone when they meet me in person is that they not strike me about the head and neck while shouting “Asshole!”, as has been known to happen. Everything else fall sunder the category of Okay Behavior.


  5. Paul Riddell

    I ask the same thing. That’s my wife’s job, and she gets rather irritated when anyone tries to take it from her.

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