Friday Randomness

Okay, I’ve pondered this and contemplated and I am now ready to state that I think the publisher’s decision to change the color of the cover for the trade paper The Eternal Prison from skin-burning orange to rot-inducing green was the right one. I look at the three books side by side and I think the orange would have been too much on that end of the spectrum:


The green pops when you have all three on a shelf. Which I assume you all have.

DON’T FORGET: I’ll be tweeting an Avery Cates Short Story over at starting on 8/5. I’ll tweet each section at noon every day. Sign up to follow me there and enjoy/be irritated by fiction at 140 characters a pop!

Someday maybe I’ll start writing Avery Cates short stories that are 140 characters in total. That would. . .be interesting.

THE ETERNAL PRISON is now being shipped from Amazon, so it’s going to start appearing everywhere soon. Sales are brisk, so get yours now. We’re cooking up some web fun to go along with the “official” release date of 8-12-09, although we might move that up by a week since the book’s shipping, eh? Keep an eye on until then.

CAT UPDATE: The cats are better, thanks, though no more happy about their medications. Our cats weigh 17, 17, 19, and 9 pounds. Carrying Guenther down the stairs is like carrying a bear cub. Jeff needs power bars and rest. And perhaps an exercise regimen, eh?

I’m trying to think of promotion ideas for TEP as well. Do you think people would want to fly me to their cities at their expense to have “Beer Summits” with them? Hmmmn? And then they could buy 50 copies of the book and I’d sign them in an increasingly drunk and incoherent way. Which, you will note, does not guarantee that the first signatures won’t be incoherent too.

Think about it. I could be passed out in your bathroom!

Have a great weekend.


i know the mechanics of death better than anybody


  1. Livia Llewellyn

    I live in Jersey City and work in Hoboken – I would be happy to fly you out to either of those locations for a Beer Summit! By “fly”, I mean “get you so drunk beyond human comprehension that you’d think you have fucking wings”. Either that, or, you know, the PATH. By “Beer Summit”, I mean “Beer Summit”. That one’s pretty basic. I can’t buy 50 copies of your book, though. That would cut into Beer Summit monies. And I am all about the summits and beers.

  2. Dan Krokos

    Beer Summit. How do I make this happen?

  3. Tez Miller

    9 POUNDS?! How did that cat end up weighing so much lighter than the others? Are they eating the light one’s food? 😉

  4. Keith Puryear

    Well, I am up for a promotion, that is likely to go into effect next week.Two words; Bar Manager. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate. The wife was hoping for a new car…boy, will she be surprised. Seriously though, If you find yourself as far from home as San Diego, drinks are totaly on me.

  5. jsomers


    Beware offering to buy me drinks: I can drink more than most humans.


  6. jsomers


    Send me a plane ticket and buy me a beer. Then I regale you with cat stories until I excuse myself to go to the bathroom, and return without any pants on. The evening ends in Mexico, where I claim to know of a great bar but in the end I get us lost in the desert and we end up having to vote on who gets eaten first.


  7. jsomers


    The 9-pounder is just a small cat, actually, whereas our other three are somehow by random dint of nature behemoths. Even our vet is amazed that we have 3 really large cats; they’re not (very) fat, just BIG. Spartacus, the niner, is like a tiny Maine Coon.


  8. jsomers


    YOU DIDN’T TELL ME YOU WERE GONNA BE A BAR MANAGER! I’m outside your door right now, actually. Where can I crash? When can I follow you to work?


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